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My first caucus

I could not be more excited to be an alternate delegate to the Massachusetts State Democratic Convention.  For two days in June, I will be out in Worcester, supporting the Democratic slate of candidates and helping to ensure their victory in November.

I got to our local high school about 15 minutes before the caucus was to begin and was thrilled to see so many people already there.  Walking in, I signed nomination papers for several candidates and was introduced to the chair of the Salem Democratic Party.  Moving towards the Ward 1 table (where I live) , I met several neighbors and was taken by the enthusiasm in the room for what we were doing.  There was real excitement about the candidates we were there to support- there wasn’t even an inkling of the “lesser of two evils” that we find too often in politics.  

After calling the caucus to order, I was quickly elected to serve as an alternate delegate to the State Convention.  So, while I won’t have a vote at the convention, I will be a part of the Salem Delegation and I couldn’t be more excited!  There are major problems facing our country and our state right now, and I am proud to be able to support leaders who I believe have what it takes to improve the community in which we live.