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Link for 3/7 – I LOVE this!!!

Nomah is back!!! Well, not exactly.  The Red Sox are going to hold a press conference today in which they will announce that they have signed Nomar Garciaparra to a one-day contract so that he can announce his retirement as a member of the Red Sox.  Despite the acrimony that preceded his trade in 2004, Garciaparra was a big part of the Red Sox for so many years and is one of the better SS’s the team has ever had.  From his signature pre-pitch routine, to his presence in the community, to the debates about which SS was better (Jeter, A-Rod or Nomah) to the SNL parodies, it was great to have been able to root for him for so many years and I wish him nothing but the best.  Thanks for the memories Nomah, and I’m so happy you’re still a part of the Red Sox family.