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Link for 10/1/09 – Keith Olbermann

Welcome to October. That lovely month were MLB playoff dreams are made (I won’t accept that the World Series is going to go into November), NFL teams realize they don’t have what it takes and begin to fire coaches (paging Jim Zorn) and NHL and NBA fans across the country honestly believe this will be the year (in Boston it REALLY is going to be the year). Oh, and I celebrate a birthday!

For today’s link of the day, I share with you a baseball blog written by Keith Olbermann. A reader, after enjoying (or at least reading) several of my posts, commented to me that I seem to following the footsteps of Mr. Olbermann. She noticed that both of us have a deep love of sports and politics and have the ability to communicate and share that love quite effectively. I was quite pleased and honored by the comparison and became even happier when I found out that Olbermann now is writing a baseball blog. MSNBC, Football Night in America (Keith Olbermann, Peter King, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison and more…with all due respect to the fantastic cast of How I Met Your Mother, this is best collection of talent on TV) AND a baseball blog.  Sign me up for more Olbermann comparisons!

Enjoy the blog and here’s hoping October is a wonderful month for all of you out there 🙂  Thanks for reading!