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Link for 12/17 – The Tonight Show responds

Thank you to Marfmom for making me aware of the fabulous response by the Tonight Show to the Hanukkah song penned by Senator Orrin Hatch.  It was only a matter of time before some comedian picked up on the potential humor inherent in a Mormon Senator writing a Hanukkah song and I think the Tonight Show did a very good job with their response.  Enjoy.

Link for 12/11 – Happy Hanukkah

One only needs to turn on the radio to understand that there is way more Christmas music than there is Hanukkah music.  Aside from Dreidel and the Adam Sandler song, there just isn’t all that much in the Hanukkah music canon.  Luckily Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah has come to the rescue! 

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!