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Link for 10-6-09 – A great game

Well this season keeps getting better and better.  Nothing like a one-game playoff to decide the final postseason birth.  This blog has a great preview of the game (and has a bunch of other really fun entries).  I think the Minnesota winning streak continues and the Twins prevail 4-2.  On a related note, can we stop pretending that the Yankees might pick the series that starts on Thursday.  There is no way they are going to give their opponent that extra day off before the series starts.  They want them to fly from the Twin Cities right to New York and have to play tomorrow.  No question about it.

Link for 9/8/09

How crazy…an actual health care conversation!  I think this videoshows the really complex issues that trying to reform something as big and messy as health care raises.  However, the people who Senator Franken is talking to came to the fair to confront him (it seems) but were willing to listen.  Not always agree, but at least listen respectfully.  And they were able to find some common ground.  Amazing.

Watch the video, even if you have no interest in the debate…the music that is playing at the fair provides a fabulous soundtrack to the debate.