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Wild card picks…by my wife

By now you may have read my picks for the games this weekend. When my wife heard I had picked Dallas to beat Philly she got that look in her eyes. You know the one. It was the “what a fool” look that married people know so well. Anyway, despite barely watching football and her inability to name more than a couple players on any team, she thinks she can do better than me picking the games…so let’s find out.

Bengals 36, Jets 14- “Jets suck.  They don’t even have their stadium.”

Eagles 21, Cowboys 17 – “I feel like the Eagles have to get you into it before they get you big.  If they lost this weekend it wouldn’t be enough of a let down.”

Patriots 28, Ravens 20 – “I’m really just picking the Patriots because my husband will be really upset if they lose.”

Packers 14, Cardinals 11 – “I just like the Packers’ colors.  It’s a lovely yellow and green…I want to keep seeing that in the playoffs.”