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Maybe instead of Candidate Tuesdays, I should do Outrage Tuesdays.   To mark this new example of politicians being IDIOTS, I bring you a short scene from the Governor’s mansion.

Governor Jindal (GJ) : Bill, is my helicopter ready?

Bill: What helicopter?

GJ: You know, the state one.  The one that tax-payers pay for so I can travel around the state.

Bill: Oh, that one.  Yeah, it is.  Where are you going on a Sunday morning?

GJ: There is this killer church up north that I want to check out for mass today.

Bill: And then what?

GJ: Oh, then I’ll come back here.  If the pilot is fast enough, I should be able to make it back by kick-off.

Bill: But, sir.  It is illegal to use the state helicopter for private purposes.

GJ: No it isn’t.

Bill: Yes, as a matter of fact it is.  And, there is that whole issue of separation of church and state.  Not just violating the law, but approaching violating the Constitution.

GJ: The what?

Bill: The Constitution.  That important document…

GJ: Oh!  I know what you mean.  Sarah Palin sent me a copy.  It’s like a magazine, with all those articles in it.

Bill: So you know what I’m talking about.

GJ: Nah, I skipped that article.  Seemed boring.  Ok, well I’m off.  Pray for me while I’m gone.  And, please make sure the chopper is available at the same time next week.  I hear Jesus is actually making an appearance 500 miles away.  Gotta fly.