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Bush is busted…

This video is hysterical to me on one level and sad on the other…

The fact that Bush was busted wiping his hand on Clinton’s shirt is clearly in the top 10 of “Bush being Bush” moments (right up there with when he tried to go out the wrong door).  However, the fact that he is clearly so uncomfortable being around the population he is, at least in theory, trying to help tells you something about his character.  And it is so clearly magnified when you compare his behavior and body language to that of Bill Clinton.  What a difference.

More important link for 1/13

By now all of you are, no doubt, aware of the tragic situation unfolding in Haiti. The huge earthquake that rocked the poor country late yesterday has left incredible amounts of devastation and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who lives have been impacted by this quake.

If you are in a position to support relief efforts, you can do so by giving to any of the organizations listed here.  Thank you!