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Link for 8/27/09

And now for something completely different…

While I would be the first to say that more can and should be written about Senator Kennedy and health care, the title of this blog is “sporty politics” and I realize I have been neglecting the sports side.  So, I aim to fix that with today’s link of the day

The steroids issue in baseball just won’t go away and has been a real embarrassment for the league.  And now word comes that that infamous list of cheaters was seized illegally and should be destroyed.  Of course that won’t help the players like A-Rod or Papi who, fairly or unfairly, appear on the list and had that information leaked to the public.  A shameful turn to this story that just keeps getting worse and worse.  Public perception is that whoever is on the list MUST have tested positive, but in reality a number of those players were named because of inconclusive test results.  That could end up being a positive.  That could end up being a negative.  Either way, it is not fair for these players to face the wrath of fans and loss of money because of an illegal leak.   I’ll tell you what they should do…find the person/people who are leaking these names and throw them in jail.

I feel like everything about this whole experience has been a farce.  I mean, as much as I respect George Mitchell, his report was as pathetic as the Warren Report.   I propose the next time we set up a commission, let’s try to take a lesson from the 9/11 Commission and use facts in coming up with our conclusions.  This way we can actually believe that a commission’s report has some semblance of being the definitive word on something.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  How you miss the BIGGEST names in baseball having tested “positive” is beyond me…especially WHEN THEY WERE ON A LIST!!!  For the sake of the Middle East, let’s hope he is a better negotiator than investigator.