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Link for 11/9/09 – Some people have too much time on their hands

Really?  We are upset because Sesame Street mocked us a little?  Come on people!  It was a joke and they mocked that left network also.  Look, like it or not, you at Fox News have a reputation and it shouldn’t be a shock to you that people might mock you for it.  Just like they mock Obama for his (really) big ears.  Teasing people or institutions in the public eye is one of the oldest professions there is and, as long as it doesn’t cross the line to personal attacks, it is funny.  The mark of someone confident in what they are doing or who they are is someone who can laugh at themselves.  Start laughing Fox…or just ignore it.  But please don’t make it into a news story – especially not 2 YEARS after it originally aired! 

What’s next?  Are we going to get mad when Cookie Monster eats some veggies in addition to his cookies?  What’s that you say?  He already did?   And it was controversial?  Ok then.     

Thanks to Becca for the link!