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A few good links…

Some interesting links have come across my desk today that I thought I’d share with you

Great article about another issue related to expanded gambling in Massachusetts

Pretty funny top 10 list delivered by John Isner (the guy who won that 11 hour tennis match)

Good breakdown of the upcoming NBA free agent season – sure to be one of the most exciting we’ve had in a while. 

        On a related note, I have a real issue with the so-called free agent summit that D-Wade, LBJ and Chris Bosh reportedly arranged and carried out over the weekend.  If the conversation was simply them all talking about what it would mean to play together, then ok.  But if, I expect, the men spent some time discussing contract figures and negotiating strategies that is less ok in my mind.  I know they aren’t breaking any rules, but if owners aren’t allowed to collude then it seems, by allowing the players to do it, you are creating an unfair negotiating climate.  And, with the power so squarely on the side of the players you are ensuring salaries (and by extension ticket prices) will continue to rise by leaps and bounds.  Turning a blind eye to these obvious conversations is another black mark for a league that has an increasingly bad image problem. 

At least one league is admitting there is a problem and trying to make ammends…