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Link for 10/9/09 – “Fake Baseball Fan”

With Game 1 out of the way (I really don’t want to talk about it) and the first home playoff game for the Red Sox just days away, I thought I would share this fabulous post on “faking it.”   There is nothing worse for a hardcore fan than sitting at home and seeing a camera shot of someone who just so clearly doesn’t want to be there.  Look, I know you might get dragged to the park by a significant other or a parent or a friend but, please, fake it!  And now, thanks to the “Girly Girl’s Guide to Fenway” you have instructions on how to do it.  So go, enjoy the game, and do what you have to do to fake enjoyment.  Trust me, you will be doing a service to the many thousands of us who are sitting warm at home and drinking reasonably priced beer.  🙂

Enjoy the game and Go Red Sox!!!!!