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My first caucus

I could not be more excited to be an alternate delegate to the Massachusetts State Democratic Convention.  For two days in June, I will be out in Worcester, supporting the Democratic slate of candidates and helping to ensure their victory in November.

I got to our local high school about 15 minutes before the caucus was to begin and was thrilled to see so many people already there.  Walking in, I signed nomination papers for several candidates and was introduced to the chair of the Salem Democratic Party.  Moving towards the Ward 1 table (where I live) , I met several neighbors and was taken by the enthusiasm in the room for what we were doing.  There was real excitement about the candidates we were there to support- there wasn’t even an inkling of the “lesser of two evils” that we find too often in politics.  

After calling the caucus to order, I was quickly elected to serve as an alternate delegate to the State Convention.  So, while I won’t have a vote at the convention, I will be a part of the Salem Delegation and I couldn’t be more excited!  There are major problems facing our country and our state right now, and I am proud to be able to support leaders who I believe have what it takes to improve the community in which we live.

Link for 1/22 – Governor Patrick’s State of the Commonwealth

Last night Governor Patrick delivered his annual State of the Commonwealth address and it was one of the best speeches I have ever seen him give.  He clearly laid out his plan for the next year and didn’t shy away from addressing the tough climate we are in and admitted mistakes that he had made.  I think the speech sets him up well for what will be a re-election campaign.

Who will replace Kennedy??

Well that is the burning question in Massachusetts and, really, the nation.  With Dems now one seat short of the magical 60 seats (which is an overblown idea if you ask me) and the fact that we haven’t seen an open senate seat in more than 25 years in Massachusetts, this is sure to be a fierce race.  Governor Patrick announced yesterday that a special election will be held on 1/19 with a primary on 12/8.  If you are interested in running, the full schedule is here.

Each Tuesday, between now and 11/24, I will profile the candidates running for their parties nomination.  Originally I had planned to do one Democrat and one Republican each day and I will, if enough Republicans run.  Otherwise, I will intersperse them or come up with some other way of talking about them.   Then, on 12/1 I will endorse a Democrat and a Republican which, my influence and reputation being what they are, will surely cause them to lose.  After the primary, I will probably turn Candidate Tuesday into Issue Tuesday and present a particular issue and feature the positions of each candidate on that issue for your education and, I hope, debate.   That is my plan…I hope you like it 🙂

Stay tuned for the first Candidate Tuesday…coming 9/8!!!