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Will Rush leave?

As you may remember, back on March 9,  Rush Limbaugh announced on his intention to leave the USA if the healthcare bill passed.  Well, it has passed and now the Rush watch begins.  With a Facebook group “Help Rush Limbaugh remember to leave the country” reaching over 57,000 members (as of 8 AM EST. on 3/22) and growing rapidly, it will quite interesting to see how if/how he responds.  Now, to be fair he is far from the first person to make the exodus threat (see re-election of Bush, George W.) but it is still quite amusing.  However, if does decide to be true to his word and needs help packing, he should feel free to email me.    

Of course, as David Frum points out in his excellent column, the passing of healthcare may be exactly what Rush was hoping for.   If Frum is right, and I think he is, not only will Rush be sticking around, he may become more popular than ever.  The same people who helped Congressman Wilson raise millions of dollars after he shouted “You Lie” at the President are going to look to Rush to help fuel their anger which, in turn, will continue to drive up his ratings…exactly what he wants.    But, in all likelihood, those people would vote for the conservative candidate anyway so it doesn’t really hurt the Democratic party.  It is the moderates on both sides of the aisle who tend to decide elections and those voters have shown that they do not have patience for the lack of civility and incredible disrespect that Rush’s fans demonstrate.   

So, on second thought, I say stick around Rush.  Ramble away and make the moderates mad.  Fire up your base to say stupid and offensive things.  Finally, and most importantly, continue to make sure that when people think of the Republican party they think of you instead of some of the more reasonable Republicans.  If you do that for us, I promise that we’ll stay in power and will continue to do things that make the Country better, which will keep your ratings strong.  It’s a win-win!