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Link for 11/30 – This annoys me

Shame on those Steelers players (reportedly 50%) and others around the NFL, who are questioning the toughness of Ben Roethlisberger because he sat out the football game last night against the Baltimore Ravens after suffering a concussion in overtime the previous week.   I am as big a football as the next guy, but in no way shape or form is one game worth a player’s life.  Putting your life on the line for a football game is not a measure of toughness.  This is not like playing with a sprained ankle or a broken finger.  This is a HEAD injury and you don’t mess around with those.  I applaud Coach Tomlin and Roethlisberger for making the right choice, even if it was the hard one, to put a player’s health above the game. 

When a popular player, such as Hines Ward, insinuates that players are questioning the QB’s toughness because he didn’t lie to his doctors and followed their advice it sends a really bad message to all those young kids who dream of being a pro someday.  Kudos to the NFL for beginning to recognize the dangers of head injuries and put policies in place to protect their players.  Here’s hoping Ward and friends learn someday that you aren’t tough if you lie to doctors; that sometimes what makes you tough is making the hard choice.