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Link for 12/17 – The Tonight Show responds

Thank you to Marfmom for making me aware of the fabulous response by the Tonight Show to the Hanukkah song penned by Senator Orrin Hatch.  It was only a matter of time before some comedian picked up on the potential humor inherent in a Mormon Senator writing a Hanukkah song and I think the Tonight Show did a very good job with their response.  Enjoy.

Link for 9/16/09

So, by now, most of you have heard about Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift at the VMAs.  His selfish, idiotic act has been all the rage and, if you haven’t seen it go find it on youtube.   I wasn’t going to post about it because it has nothing to do with sports or politics.  However, lucky for me, our President has become involved (big surprise) so now I have an excuse.  Check out these two videos – one of the President sharing his true feelings “off the record” on Kanye and the other…well just watch.  Thanks to loyal reader Becca for the link!

On the one hand, I appreciate having a President who shares his feelings and is clearly a real person with real emotions and not always a carefully programmed political robot.  On the other hand, I think people are making way too much of this.   Although Jay Leno had a good idea with this comment – “”Been a busy week for President Obama. I notice that he’s having Kanye West and Taylor Swift to the White House for a ‘root beer summit’ this weekend. See, she’s only 19. So, it’s got to be root beer.” –Jay Leno

Another funny line I saw…

“Of course, you all saw this. This is what I’m talking about. Kayne West at the Video Music Awards. Kayne West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. And after he did that, after he was done interrupting her, MTV threw him out of the building. So it’s official. MTV has a lower tolerance for bad behavior than the United States Congress.” –Conan O’Brien