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I don’t want to talk about it…

Well, that’s not exactly true.  I do want to talk about it, but I don’t want to believe it happened.  That is, by far, the worst I have ever seen the Patriots play in the Belichick era.  From the D to special teams to an offense that looked totally lost, this was a terrible way to end the season.  All in all it was an up and down season but, overall, this was a team that never seemed to be able to put the pieces together and seemed strangely lost for most of the year.  Lest we forget, aside from a furious comeback in week 1 and a dropped pass in week 4, the Pats would have likely been 8-8 and out of the playoffs.  Of course there were bright spots as well (the drubbings of TB and Tenn) and games where a play or two (or holding a late lead) would have netted them a couple more wins (Indy, Miami, Houston etc…) but, when all is said and done, the 2009 Pats were like the 2009 Red Sox.  A good team that beat who they were supposed to beat, but didn’t make the key plays you need to make to beat the really good teams. 

However, to say this is the end of an era or this team is finished as a contender is to overreact.  There are still good solid pieces in place and, with good offseason decisions, I think this is a team that will compete again next season.  You have a young D that is pretty good and should get better.  If you take away the 83 yard run by Rice, they only gave up 156 total yards and only 16 first downs…not bad.  Now, I know that doesn’t tell the whole story and you can’t just take away that run.  But, the basic point is that there is talent there. 

I think the biggest changes need to come on the other side of the ball and, to me, there are four key things the Pats must do this offseason to regain their elite status.

1. Protect Tom Brady: I don’t know if it was a scheme problem or a talent problem, but the beating he took, especially late in the season, is inexcusable.  Part of this is the lack of a running game (so teams can key on him) and part of it is the play calling (can’t have the long developing plays if you can’t protect).  But a part of it has to be the blocking schemes and who they have in place to block.  Solutions must be found.

2. Get a RB: Maybe it is Maroney.  Maybe it is Taylor.  Maybe it is Morris.  Maybe it is someone else.  A running game has to consist of more than draw plays to Kevin Faulk.  You need a back who you can trust to carry the ball 20 times a game, who you can rely on pick up the extra blitzer, and who can eat up yards, and clock, for you late in the game.    Look, Faulk is a good thrid down back.  But he is not an every down guy and I just don’t buy that he gives you the best chance to win.  And to have a combined 4 carries for 12 yards between the other three is a recipe for failure.  I do think the solution may be on the roster, but I do think you need to go into next season with a clear starter.

3. Find another receiving weapon: This doesn’t mean go out and sign a veteran.  This means get back to what made the Patriots so dangerous in the early part of this decade.  Remember when Brady’s favorite receiver was the open one?  He needs guys he can trust there and that means you don’t just go for the big name, you go for the right guy.  Hell, I’d probably throw the bank at Jabar Gaffney or Deion Branch and try to get them back.   Welker, Moss and Edelman is good first three, but we need more.  However, no matter who you bring in, it is essential that they start working with Brady ASAP.  Brady must be at the mini-camps and pre-training camps in order to maximize the opportunity for him to build chemistry with his weapons.

4. Retool your game plans: Belichick is known for putting his guys in the right position to make plays.  Guys like Vrabel and Bruschi could handle schemes that Guyton and Mayo can’t.  If I were Belichick I would instruct my coordinators to start over.  Spend the next few weeks looking at the guys who are on the roster and design plays with them in mind.  What makes them good?  Where are they strong?  How can we give them the best chance of making the key plays?  And, when the players start coming back to camp, appreciate who you have…don’t gameplan like you are longing for the past.

Link for 12/10 – Mike Lowell and the Patriots

According to multiple reports, the Red Sox are about to trade third baseman Mike Lowell to the Rangers in exchange for young catcher Max Ramirez.  While not 100% done it appears more and more likely that we are approaching the final days of Mike Lowell’s tenure as a Boston Red Sox.  A throw-in when he was acquired from the Marlins along with Josh Beckett back in 2005, Lowell quickly established himself as a fan favorite in Boston as fans began to understand just how good of a player he is.  He exemplified the work hard mantra that the Red Sox embraced and time and time again he came through with an exceptional defensive play or a timely hit.  Certainly his bat and glove will be missed but, in some ways, it is presence on the field, in the community and, from all I’ve heard, in the clubhouse that will be missed the most.  It sounds like cliché to say but the truth is they don’t make players like him anymore.  He clearly loves playing the game and I, along with many Red Sox fans, loved watching him play it.  Does the trade make the Red Sox better next year?  Probably not, unless there is another move in the works (Beltre, Gonzalez).  Does the trade make the Red Sox better in the future?  Yes.  Ramirez is a well-regarded prospect and could well become the every-day catcher in a few years.  So do I agree with the trade? Yes.  Am I sad to see Lowell go?  You betcha.  You know, I was at the first game Trot Nixon played in Boston after he left the team and I will never forget the ovation he got from the Boston fans.  Mike Lowell deserves the same for all he has done for this team and this community.

Belichick has had enough…of something.  Many of you have probably heard the news by now that four members of the Pats – Randy Moss, Gary Guyton, Adalius Thomas and Derrick Burgess – were sent home from practice yesterday for showing up late to an 8:00 meeting.  For Belichick to do something so dramatic means that he is getting really frustrated with the team and wanted to send a strong message.  The season is not over and the super bowl dreams are not dashed…yet.  However, if this team doesn’t turn it around and start playing a lot better (especially late in games) we will not be playing in January.  They clearly have the talent (you don’t jump out to huge leads against good teams without talent) but they don’t have the killer instinct that you need to put teams away.  This is not the Patriots of old – the group of relative unknowns banding together against the world.  A team where the whole really was greater than the sum of parts.  That has been reversed and, despite the individual talent, they can’t seem put it together as a team for a full 60 minutes.  Hopefully the message Belichick sent will be well-received and we will see a different team on Sunday.  Another loss and you can feel free to start making non-football plans for weekends in January.

Link(s) for 11/25 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is upon us.  Since I don’t think I will be posting in the next couple days (and because I’m thinking about food) I figured I’d give you a few sports/politics and food related links.  Enjoy and best wishes to all of you for a very happy and healthy (kind-of) holiday.  Travel safely!

The best wedding cake of all time!

An unfortunate turn of events for noted Turducken lover, John Madden

What athletes would you like to have over for Thanksgiving dinner?  For me, my table would include me, Bill Belichick, Theo Epstein, Peyton Manning, Shaq and Kobe (that should be fun), Dan Rooney, Maria Sharapova, Kristi Yamaguchi, Shannon Miller, Tiger Woods,  Larry Bird, Natalie Gulbis, Magic Johnson and Pete Sampras.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this really really odd tradition.