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Link for 1/25 – Manning hysteria has begun

If you had the under on 11:00 AM for the first story Super Bowl story about who Archie Manning would be rooting for, congratulations.  You are a winner!  The fact that, according to ESPN, this is a top story is amazing to me.

My other thoughts on the weekend:

1. Favre and Peterson handed the game to the Saints.  Terrible

2. That hit on Favre below the knees should have been roughing the passer

3. Nice to see a kicker finally hit one when it counts

4. Congratulations to the Jets on a great season – but they are still one or two pieces away from being a force next year

5. Have to feel good for the city of NO after everything.  The entire country (outside of hard-core Colts fans) are pulling for you.

6. Sean Payton is a really good coach

7. Early prediction: Saints 31 Colts 21