Why I’m voting for Obama

Heading to the polls to cast my vote for President Obama. There are many reasons I’ve chosen him, but here are the top 5.  Agree or disagree, but please vote!!!!!  

1. I believe that people like me with pre-existing conditions deserve high quality and affordable healthcare that can’t be taken away if we get sick. I believe the Affordable Care Act is the only way to do that without bankrupting the insurance industry. 
2. I believe that my female friends deserve to make their own decisions about their body and am disgusted by the Republican Party’s attempts, this cycle to redefine rape and, in the official party platform, to ban abortions with no exceptions. 
3. After watching the debates, countless speeches and interviews and reading the economic plans of both Obama and Romney I, quite simply, trust Obama more to keep us on a path to recovery in a balanced and thoughtful way that is fair.  In addition, I believe that Obama has tried to do more but has been faced with a Congress with no interest in compromise and more focused on getting rid of Obama than making the Country better. 
4. I believe my gay and lesbian friends deserve to marry who they love and deserve to serve their country honestly. I believe women deserve equal pay for equal work. I believe these are basic rights and I can’t vote for someone who disagrees with me on that. 
5. I believe it’s hard to know what a person will actually do when elected. Therefore I believe in voting based on a candidate’s integrity, your ability to trust they are working for you and on their core convictions. I have absolutely no idea who the real Mitt Romney is and it worries me how easily he changes positions to suit his ambitions. 
Bonus: I believe that Chris Christie and Mayor Bloomberg are telling the truth when they say the President has done a great job after Sandy. How you respond under pressure says something about you and I believe the President is a thoughtful leader who doesn’t allow knee-jerk reactions to determine policy. 
I believe this has made a difference in allowing him to bring our troops home responsibly and be more deliberate in our foreign policy. 
I believe President Obama is not a perfect President. But I believe he is significantly more honest than Governor Romney and, for the reasons outlined above, he will have my vote today. I don’t believe  this s choice between the lesser of two evils. I believe in this President, appreciate what he has done, appreciate his willingness to talk about the details of his plans, and trust in his vision for the country. 

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