NFL Predictions

For the record, here are my predictions:

AFC East – New England Patriots (terrible division, except Buffalo, and Brady and co. are just too good)

AFC West – Denver Broncos (Peyton Manning is a winner and, if he stays healthy, this team will be good)

AFC South –  Houston Texans (Would have won the AFC last year if Schaub hadn’t gotten hurt.)

AFC North – Baltimore Ravens (The offense has finally caught up to the defense)

Wild Cards – Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders


NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles (No more dream team talk.  Just good, solid football and a healthy? Vick)

NFC West – San Francisco 49ers (No, not because of Randy Moss.  Smith is a good QB and it’s the best defense in football)

NFC South – Carolina Panthers (I believe in Cam Newton.  And I think the defense is going to be sneaky good.  Plus, I think the Saints are going to start fast, but then fade)

NFC North – Green Bay Packers (Can’t pick against the best QB in football)

Wild Cards – New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions


AFC Champion – Head says Texans, heart says Patriots.  Head wins.

NFC Champion – Head and heart both say Packers.  That was easy.


Super Bowl Champion – Green Bay Packers

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  1. While I agree with the vast majority of your picks, it pains me to think of anyone other than NE winning the AFC. And since I’m unabashedly drinking the Belichick Kool-Aid here, I’m thinking we will see a Patriots-Packers superbowl. This year, however, the result will be different than in ’97. BTW, Cam Newton will have a monster year!

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