The midterms are here! The midterms are here!

Can you believe I haven’t posted since July?  Shameful is the only word I can use to describe my blog silence.  Thank you to all of you who have emailed me asking for new posts (Mom) and those hearty souls who have been checking my blog every day just hoping for something new.  I can’t promise a post every day, but I can promise I will post more than once every 4 months.

Ok, with the midterms tomorrow, I know you are dying to know who I am voting for.  Rather than just tell you, I will reveal my choices Randy Moss style.  That is, I will ask myself questions and then answer them.

Q: Mr. Weisman.  Who are you going to vote for in the Governor’s race?

A: Great question.  For me, this is not a hard choice.  I will be voting for Deval Patrick and Timothy Murray and am looking forward to 4 more years of their leadership.  The fact is, the state is on the mend.  The most recent jobs report was not what we hoped it would be, but overall, Massachusetts has recovered faster than the nation.  Even in the midst of the downturn, Governor Patrick passed significant reform measure – including ethics, transportation, lobbying and pension – and was responsible for the largest land conservation initiative in the history of the Commonwealth.  Under his leadership, Massachusetts implemented the landmark health reform bill and pushed laws and policies to curb rising costs.  Beacon Hill has been more accessible and transparent under Governor Patrick and, despite some early missteps, he has been a really strong and good Governor.  Above all, however, Governor Patrick exemplifies the qualities we are always looking for in our politicians – he listens, is able to connect, truly cares, isn’t afraid of taking a tough stand and is honest.  We are a better state for his leadership and, if given another 4 years, what we will accomplish together will be truly special.

I encourage you to vote for Deval Patrick and Timothy Murray.

Q: Interesting stuff.  What a wise man you are.  How about in the treasurers race?  Grossman or Polito?

A: Thank you for the kind words.  This one is easy.  I am so excited to be supporting Steve Grossman for state treasurer.  Throughout his entire career in both the private and public sector, Grossman has demonstrated his intelligence, commitment and business savvy.  However, he has also demonstrated an understanding of how his actions will affect the community and he takes special care to ensure that impact is a positive one.  As treasurer, I know he will have the best interests of his constituents – all of them – at heart and will make decisions that will be the best ones for the Commonwealth and not his donors. 

Q: Congress?

A: Well I am supporting John Tierney in his race against Bill Hudak for the Congressional seat in the 6th district (where I live).  Congressman Tierney and I agree on many issues and I trust him to do what is best for his district and for the USA. 

Q: Auditor?

A: I am supporting Mary Connaughton.  I really like her independence from her time on the Turnpike board
and I was really turned off by Suzanne Bump claiming two houses as her primary residence and then, rather than apologize right way when it came out, claiming that she was in the right.  In addition, she has also has been really slow to collect legally mandated voter information


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