The day has come…

At 9:00 tonight the King will, once and for all, reveal where he will be playing basketball for the next several years.  He will let us know which team will have the honor of paying him millions of dollars for his services.  Although I still feel that he will end up back on the Cavs, several athletes have tweeted in the past day that he will end up with the New York Knicks. However in the past few hours more and more reports have him going to Miami to play with Wade and Bosh. One can’t help but wonder if these “sources”are really Lebron’s people trying to throw is all off.

I may be in the minority at this point but I still think Lebron is staying in Cleveland. He wants to be a legend and nothing says legend likm sticking around and helping your hometeam win. Of course the fact that the Cavs have done next to nothing to improve their team doesn’t bode well for my prediction but we will see. And if he does join Miami he can win multiple times but he won’t be in the same league as Bird, MJ or Russell. Those guys made the players around them better. They didn’t flee to play with other superstars.

Here we go.

Also this was my first post from the BlackBerry wordpress App. Hope it looks good!


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