Link for 3/6 – Healthcare is coming…

President Obama made one of the best speeches of his presidency yesterday to a large crowd in PA.  When Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley the White House could have easily decided to play it safe by shying away from fights and focusing only on universally popular legislation…even if that legislation wouldn’t really do much to improve our country.  But they didn’t make that choice.  Instead they chose to push forward with a progressive agenda and work hard to enact reforms that they knew would help improve the lives of all Americans.  Risky choice? You bet.  But it was the right choice and I, for one, am very glad to see it.  There will be a test vote on a very good jobs bill today (more on that tomorrow) and, as demonstrated by the televised summit last week, the speech yesterday and all the talk about reconciliation, they are serious about doing whatever they must to get health care passed. 

Rather than buy into the politics of fear and continually running for re-election, the Democratic leadership is doing exactly what they were elected to do.  They are pushing their agenda and, when some choose to obstruct rather than improve, they are going to push past them.  If they succeed voters will have a clear choice in November.  No longer will the two parties seem to be indistinguishable – voters will have the enough information to truly ask themselves if they are better off today than they were under the previous administration.  If yes, they can make one choice.  If no, they can make a different choice.  But, at the very least, they will have a real choice to make.  And, if I’m right, they will see that they are better off because of health care etc… and will vote to keep the Democrats in office and put their trust in them to continue to improve the USA.

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