It has been too long…

He lives!  And he is posting again! Hurray!  I have no excuse or explanation for my absence from this space, despite the myriad of interesting stories out there.  To catch up, let’s go with some quick blurbs on the stories of the week, and then hope for more consistency of writing from here on out.

The Olympics start tonight! I’ll admit it…I love the Olympics.  I love so many of the sports, I love the rivalries, I love the history, I love the torch and, as cheesy as it may be, I love the fact that people of different backgrounds, different faiths, can share in the excitement of the games.  They compete as hard as they can but, at the end, they shake hands and clearly respect each other.  Such a fun two weeks and it begins tonight with the question on everyone’s mind…who will light the torch?  For my money, it has to be Wayne Gretzky.  The greatest hockey player in history lighting the torch in hockey country…it’s a no-brainer isn’t it?

The Manning face returned and the Saints won for their city.  The NFL is doing something right.  The days of Super Bowl blowouts are over.  The game last Sunday was a really fun one to watch and I am thrilled at the result.  Congratulations to the Saints fans and city of New Orleans on the big one…and thank you for ending the debate over who the better QB is.  If we go by what QBs are supposed to do, which is win, it is now clear that Brady is #1.  So thanks!

President Obama delivered a fabulous State of the Union and began the process of turning around his presidency.  In his speech he deftly walked the line between rhetoric and specifics and gave everyone something to like.  In doing so, he moved beyond just paying lip service to bipartisanship but, like a good leader, demonstrated what being bi-partisan means.  In subsequent appearances, he has made it clear that if Republicans want to continue their pattern of obstructing for the sake of obstructing they will be called on it.  If he can do that effectively, he may yet break the trend of a sitting President’s party losing seats in the mid-term elections.

Don’t ask, don’t tell may be going away and that is a very good thing!  This discriminatory policy has been on the books too long and I believe there is absolutely no need to keep it around.  I am amazed that, despite top generals saying they support lifting the ban on gays in the military so many politicians (including those, like Senator McCain, who had previously said they would support lifting the ban when generals agree to it) are fighting this law change.  It is a shame that we are still a country where it is ok to discriminate for the sake of politics.

Truck day!!! You know you are a baseball town when one of the days of the year is when the team truck leaves for spring training.  It is so gratifying that several key players have already reported and I am very optimistic (big surprise I know) about the upcoming season.

There is certainly more to talk about – there is a jobs bill moving through Congress; Rep. Kennedy’s decision to resign will leave Congress without a Kennedy for the first time in more than 60 years; Rep. Murtha’s tragic passing; the race for Governor of Massachusetts is heating up; what is going on with healthcare?; the Bruins and Celtics are approaching the playoffs; President Obama forcing through an economic advisory panel despite the objections of the same Republicans who initially proposed the idea; the issue of gambling is once again front and center on Beacon Hill… 

But we have to save something for another day, don’t we?

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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Great post and Welcome back! I saw the opening of Olympic earlier and it was as awesome. I love the voice of the singer who sang canada’s national anthem.

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