Divisional Round Picks

As much as I don’t want to believe that there is still football going on, there is and I must pick the games.  So, without further ado, I bring you the Divisional Round Picks…or as I like to call it, “games between teams that can’t sign as many free agents as the Patriots can due to a stupid NFL rule.”  Nope, that didn’t help me get over the Pats loss either.  Damm.  Ok, to the games:

Cardinals at Saints
Umm…I have no idea.  If you had told me, last week, I could pick only one team to win, I would have bet the house on the Packers.  Oops.  I could easily envision a scenario in which the Saints just destroy the Cardinals, but I could also see another 51-45 win for Arizona.  If Boldin doesn’t play (and it doesn’t look like he will) it makes Arizona’s job much harder.  But Kurt Warner just seems to find a way to win in the playoffs and the recent play of the Saints has given me ZERO confidence in their ability to beat a really good team.  So what’s going to happen?  I think the Saints do make just enough plays on defense and hold Warner in check, just enought, to eek out a win.
Saints 41 Cardinals 38

Ravens at Colts
There are three rules I follow as a football fan:
1. Never root for a team that has New York in their name
2. Never root for the Colts, Steelers or Chargers
3. Never root for a team that has eliminated the Patriots from the playoffs within the past 5 years
I’m sure it has become clear to you why I am so disgusted by the teams remaining in the AFC. As a football fan, I admit that this game should be spectacular. As a Patriots fan, I am devestated that these inferior teams are still playing while the Pats are playing golf somewhere. I don’t want to think about this game, I don’t want to watch this game, I don’t want to pick this game. But I have done, and will do, all three because I am a football fan. And, I say this as a football fan, I do not believe the Colts are as good as their record. They should have lost to the Patriots, Texans, Dolphins and Ravens this year and, while it is impressive that they managed so many comebacks, they have been playing with fire. Only a boneheaded interception kept Flacco and Co. from beating Indy in the regular season and, with the easing up that the Colts did in the final two weeks (and the fact that they have not had a 100 yard rusher all season) I think Baltimore has a really good chance to upset them today by pressuring Manning constantly and forcing him into some mistakes.
Ravens 27 Colts 20

Cowboys at Vikings
I’m drinking the Tony Romo kool-aid. He is playing like a man on a mission and nothing about the Vikings makes me think that will change this week. Brett Favre is the X factor in this game, however. He could take the game over and carry Minnesota on his shoulders. Or he could make the mistakes he has often made late in seasons. I think the latter is more likely, and I don’t think the best Adrian Peterson will be able to do enough to make up for those mistakes. A great season for Brett and the Vikings, but it ends today.
Cowboys 31 Vikings 21

Jets at Chargers
Another AFC game that makes me cringe. I have been spending the past few days in the NY/NJ area and the Jet enthusiasm is incredible. People really believe that this team can do anything and have little doubt they will win this game. Sorry, to break it to you Jet’s fans, but SD is not Indy’s backups or the Bengals. They are the hottest team in football and the J-E-T-S will be going H-O-M-E at about 7:30 PM on Sunday. It has been a great season for them, no question, and they have something to build on. However, beating the Chargers on the road is a much too tall task for Sanchez, Ryan and friends.
Chargers 23 Jets 3

Regular Season: 172-84
Last week: 2-2


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