Divisional Round Picks…by my wife and Dan

Lindsey did such a bad job picking the games the last week, she brought in the only person in America who knows less about football than she does to help.

Cardinals at Saints
Lindsey: I don’t really have anything to say about this game. I just feel like the Cardinals aren’t fierce…I mean I know the Saints aren’t fierce, but the Cardinals aren’t like the Bears.
Saints 24 Cardinals 17
Dan: The Saints have to win because they’re above the Pope and the Cardinals are not and, clearly, that’s how you pick the winner of a game.
Saints 25 Cardinals 19

Ravens at Colts
From Dan “Lindsey, pick the Ravens…That’s so Raven.” Lindsey responded “I don’t think Manning should win, because he gets so much money from ads.” Dan responds “But if he doesn’t win, he won’t have any ads.” Lindsey finishes the conversation off by yelling “He’s a whore!”
Lindsey: Ravens 37 Colts 28
Dan: Ravens 36 Colts 14…F%$^%$&^#$%$#%#$%^^&%$#%$#% the Colts and the horse they rode in on. (Thank you Lindsey for noting that that would be difficult)

Cowboys at Vikings
Lindsey: VIKINGS!!!!!! And Lindsey just sung the Cowboy’s suck song!
Vikings 150 Cowboys -45
Dan: I’m going to say the Vikings because the Cowboys will be off on a mountain together
Vikings 14 Cowboys 0…even though the Cowboys won’t show up, the Vikings aren’t good enough to score more than 14 points

Jets at Chargers
Lindsey: Umm…I think it is going to be…long pause…the Chargers. I like their logo and I’m from South Jersey I can’t root for the Jets, but I can go down to the crick (creek) with my crowns (crayons).
Chargers 28 Jets 21
Dan: F$%%$^&%$ the Jets. I’m going to go with the Chargers.
Chargers 34 Jets 24 I have no joke because the Jets losing is funny enough.

Lindsey’s stats
Regular Season: Lots of sleeping
Last week: 0-4

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  1. Totally the best post on your blog ever.

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