Wild card picks…by my wife

By now you may have read my picks for the games this weekend. When my wife heard I had picked Dallas to beat Philly she got that look in her eyes. You know the one. It was the “what a fool” look that married people know so well. Anyway, despite barely watching football and her inability to name more than a couple players on any team, she thinks she can do better than me picking the games…so let’s find out.

Bengals 36, Jets 14- “Jets suck.  They don’t even have their stadium.”

Eagles 21, Cowboys 17 – “I feel like the Eagles have to get you into it before they get you big.  If they lost this weekend it wouldn’t be enough of a let down.”

Patriots 28, Ravens 20 – “I’m really just picking the Patriots because my husband will be really upset if they lose.”

Packers 14, Cardinals 11 – “I just like the Packers’ colors.  It’s a lovely yellow and green…I want to keep seeing that in the playoffs.”

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  1. Yay Lindsey! lol. You pick like me!

  2. I’d totally pick the Packers with their nice green and yellow uniform. I think Lindsey is on point.

  3. Well, the Eagles blew it like we knew they would. Almost a let down of a let down, if you know what I mean. We count on them to get to the championships, and THEN lose the game. Geez…it’s time to call for some heads on platters.
    But yeah, the packers totally have better colors! Plus…what’s a packer?

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