Link for 1/4 – McCain endorses Brown…via youtube

Senator McCain has made his voice heard in the upcoming special election between Scott Brown, Martha Coakley  and Joe Kennedy (no relation).  Not surprisingly, he has chosen to throw his support behind Scott Brown, the Republican.  This endorsement means far less today, in terms of siphoning off Coakley voters, then it would have had McCain not alienated so many moderates during the Presidential campaign.  However, it does get Brown in the news and helps him be seen as a legitimate candidate, both locally and nationally.  This should help his fundraising (since it helps him to combat the strategy of “inevitability” that Martha Coakley’s campaign is pushing) which could help him build name recognition and get his message out to voters.  Just as politicians don’t want to back a loser, people don’t want their money to go to waste so, when a large national figure such as McCain decides a candidate is worth publicly supporting, it can help build momentum.  That does bring new votes and changes minds and therein lies the true value of this endorsement.

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