Link for 12/9 – Coakley vs. Brown

As was widely expected, Attorney General Martha Coakley and State Senator Scott Brown posted big wins in the Democratic and Republican primaries respectively and advance to face each other in the general election.  But, before we look forward, we take a moment to look at the results state-wide with this great map from

Some take-aways from yesterday’s results:
1. Major congratulations are in order for the winners – Coakley and Brown. Both entered the race as front-runners and both campaigns did just enough to cement that status but were safe enough to not self-destruct. However, despite the fact that Coakley is the favorite to win the general, she needs to not simply play it safe. Running a campaign designed to not say the wrong thing may have won her the primary, but it will open the door for Scott Brown to give her a run for her money.

2. Running in a short election without any name recognition is extremely difficult. Pagliuca had the money, Khazei had the grass-roots support, Capuano had the endorsements. However, none of that was enough to make it close.

3. Aside from the two winners, Alan Khazei is the biggest winner of the losers. He made a very unexpected surge to third place, garnering 13% of the vote (despite most polls showing him in the low single digits). This GOTV effort and the grass-roots support he attracted position him well for a future run. Just think, he did extremely well, despite the fact that the demographic of the likely Khazei voter is a polar opposite from the demographic of the normal primary voter. He could be someone to watch out for if/when Senator Kerry steps down or another political position opens up.

4. Turn-out was awful. Simply awful. We don’t have the final numbers yet, but it was extraordinary how many polling places were sitting empty for most of the day. The apathetic electorate is one of the biggest problems facing our country and, although not a new problem, it is something that really should be addressed.

5. Coakley vs. Brown promises to be quite the match-up.  Coakley is certainly the front-runner but, as discussed above, Brown is a formidable opponent.  We will have more on the race going forward as we learn more about each of the candidates.


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