Capuano and Brown for Senate

After 3 months of campaigning, primary day has finally arrived. If you live in Massachusetts PLEASE PLEASE vote. I don’t care who you vote for, only that you vote. This is a critical first step in electing a US Senator who will be casting votes on issues that will affect all of us. If you want more information on any of the candidates, take a look at my Candidate Tuesdays, visit the campaign websites, do google searches – there is plenty out there. I’ve been teasing it for a while and now I am ready to reveal who I have decided to vote for. However, before I get to that, I have to say that this was one of the hardest electoral decisions I have ever had to make. I do not share the frustration that many feel with the caliber of candidate – I feel like we have 6 very strong candidates who all bring unique and important credentials to this race. However, we can only vote for one and this is what I have decided.

Democrats – Mike Capuano
With four strong candidates, my decision has come to down to four key characteristics – experience, accessibility, integrity and potential influence. All four candidates are impressive and I believe any would make a great senator. But I can only vote for one and Congressman Capuano is my choice.

Capuano is the only candidate on the Democratic side who has any legislative experience whatsoever. He understands how the process works and there won’t be much of a learning curve for him. With so many critical issues facing the Senate, a steep learning curve is not an option. He already knows many of the players and will be able to jump right into negotiations and committee responsibilities.

This was the great untold story of the true value of Senator Kennedy. Any constituent who called his office has a story of Senator Kennedy just getting things done. No request was too small and, no matter how big or famous he was, he never forgot his true responsibility to represent those who elected him. Anyone who is currently represented by Congressman Capuano will tell you that he has that same understanding and commitment to his community. That is such an important trait and Capuano has it.

Normally I don’t put much stock in who endorses who since it can be very political.. However, the list of people who are supporting Capuano is extraordinary. Especially when one considers that Former Governor Dukakis decided, for the first-time, to endorse a candidate in a state-wide primary. It is an impressive list and speaks to the feeling that people “in the know” have about him. To have a non-front runner accumulate such a list is impressive and says a lot to me.

In thinking about this category, I can’t help but, once again, think about Senator Kennedy. After his death we heard countless stories about Kennedy’s ability to work with anyone he needed to work with in order to get things done. Capuano has that same ability. When Nancy Pelosi tapped him to head up ethics reform in the house (a MAJOR priority for her) many reformists were skeptical of his ability to see the project through. However, after working with him and seeing the results he got they were singing a different tune. In fact, many of those groups are supporting his Senate bid now. Colleagues really respect him and I believe he will be able to have an immediate impact influencing the critical legislation in the Senate.

Republicans – Scott Brown
This really isn’t much of a race. While I admire the business experience of Jack E. Robinson, Scott Brown has all the tools to be a complete US Senator. If I was electing a business representative I would support Robinson. However, since a Senator deals with many different issues, Brown is a better choice.

Whoever you like, PLEASE vote!!!!! Reports say that only about 4% of registered voters in MA are planning to vote today which is terrible. This is a big election and I encourage you to make your voice heard!

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