I’m a big football fan, always have been.   I love watching games and, as my wife will tell you, it is not unusual for me to be in front of the TV from 11 AM – 11 PM on Sundays watching football or football-related programming.  I play fantasy sports, pick the games each week, and always feel a let-down after the super bowl.  I am a Red Sox fan, Bruins fan, Celtics fan…but I am a football fan who also happens to root (hard) for the Patriots.  So I am ashamed to tell you that, until yesterday, I had never experienced the wonder that is the NFL Redzone channel.

For those of you who were like me on Saturday – that is to say horribly uninformed – Redzone is a Comcast invention and is hosted each week by the immortal Scott Hanson.  Essentially the idea of this brilliant channel is to “whip” you around the NFL to make sure you see the most exciting moments of any game.  As a team enters the red zone, the channel will bring you live to that game (with the regular announcers)  You stay there until something happens (ie. commercial break, score, turnover) at which time you are moved to another game.  Now, if two teams happen to be approaching a score at the same time, they switch back and forth as plays happen or, if the snaps happen simultaneously, we stay in split screen and Mr. Hanson handles the play-by-play for both games.  

If there is no redzone activity we either see highlights from big plays we missed or they just choose a game for us to watch.  But NEVER do we go to a commercial break or are subject to announcers killing time with their “witty” banter.  Is a Calvin Johnson TD catch being reviewed?  Fine.  Let’s go watch 4th and 1 from the Packers 47 yard line while the official in the Browns-Lions game (and what a game it was) sorts it out.  Then, when he is ready to make the call, let’s switch back.  AMAZING!  One final note – if you play fantasy sports this is a must-have.

Now, if you really care about a team (like me with the Patriots), you do not want to have Redzone on.  However, if your team isn’t playing, it is the perfect way to watch football.    Don’t make the same mistakes I have and make NFL Redzone a part of your Sunday experience.

*And no, Comcast didn’t pay me to write this or ask me to review their channel. *

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