Link for 11/4/09 – Elections? What elections? I want a man den!

Well that wasn’t such a fun election day.  Can we go back to 2008 please?  That was more fun.  But, as is often the case, things are not as good or bad as you think they are.  As noted in this space yesterday, the elections in NJ and VA featured very flawed Democrats who ran less than ideal campaigns.   More specifically, if you look at Jon Corzine (NJ), he was a dead duck.   This loss should not be pinned on Obama – this was an unpopular guy (who had been unpopular since practically the day he took office.  President Obama’s first substantial campaign visit to NJ was in July, when Corzine was down about 8-12 points depending on which poll you look at. So the Obama visits helped close the gap to the final margin of about 4 points. Look, losing NJ hurts, but it’s not like NJ always goes Dem. (remember Whitman and Kean?) Finally, Corzine’s approval rating has been in the 30s for most of his term (that is Bush levels of dislike) including while Dems. elsewhere in the country where enjoying high levels of popularity. It’s no wonder voters wanted someone new in there.

But now, I give you something light and fun.  My wife and I will likely be buying a house at some point soon and a requirement for me is a place to have a man den.  Here are some ideas – time to figure out what I like best!


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  1. oooh- I’m so into the TV man den! I can watch the gilmore girls, project runway, cnn, and martha stewart all at the same time! (When you’re not home of course)

  2. Yeah, like most elections, yesterday, we in NJ were given a choice between two evils…not sure if one is less or not, but Evil B won…what’re you gonna do, huh?

    Man Cave: I vote 15, 8 or 5. 2 and 1 are neat too, but much less your style.

  3. Well, I think Lindsey would prob divorce you if you got a trophy hunt den, but the one modeled after espn place is cool. Though I’d rather have the bat cave theatre. Boo Chris Christie…Boo Yankees…

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