Link for 10/20/09 – Famous Birthdays

Well, today it is all about me.  You see, today is my birthday.  So, for a link of the day, I thought I would give you this list of celebrities who share a birthday with you.   As you will see from the list, I share my special day with a wide range of people from Snoop Dogg to Mickey Mantle.  Anyway, enjoy the list and hopefully you too have some fun birthday buddies! 

As a side note, it was challenging growing up and having to come to grips that the most famous person I shared a birthday with was a Yankee player.  I mean, why couldn’t there be a Red Sox player…or really someone representing ANY team other than the Yankees.   Why couldn’t my coolest birthday buddy have been a great actor (Bela Lugosi you come close, but Viggo Mortenson you don’t qualify) or a beautiful singer (not Tom Petty)  If my mom could have waited a day, I could have shared my special day with Carrie Fisher, Judge Judy and Alfred Noble!  Or pop me out a day earlier and my birthday buddies would have been Evander Holyfield, John Lithgow, John Le Carre and Daddy Brady (Peter Max).  Of course, the best late October dates would have been October 23 (Pele, Michael Crichton, Johnny Carson, the Marx Brothers’ agent, Sanjay Gupta, Nancy Grace, Weird Al and, last but not least, Martin Luther King III) or October 24 (Y.A. Tittle, F. Murray Abraham, Kevin Kline and, of course, Tila Tequila!)  The site is especially fun when you try to figure out what the people share besides a birthday.  For example, in addition to being born on October 25, I wonder what Katy Perry, Bobby Knight and Pablo Picasso have in common? 

But, alas, I’ll have to take solace in the fact that, in addition to Mickey Mantle and Tom Petty, I also get to share my day with the immortal Charles Ives, Art Buchwald and the one and only Jerry Orbach! 

Hey, at least I wasn’t born on October 18 (Lee Harvey Oswald, Mike Ditka and Zac Efron)!


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  1. Hey, Tom Petty is pretty cool.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday.

  2. So, when we found out we were doing a C-section for Miles, I may or may not have headed to Wikipedia to see who he’d be sharing a birthday/famous events with and used that to pick his birthday. He shares with James Joyce, Farrah Fawcett, Christie Brinkley, and Shakira. Although, checking out your link, which is a more comprehensive list, he could have had Maura Tierney of ER fame, Norman Rockwell, and Isla Fisher if we’d waited another day!

    Me? George Burns died on my bday. That’s about it.

    Happy birthday!

  3. HBD, dude! Added to Google Calendar so I remember next time ’round.

    Also, I have January 8, same as your sister, no? I always had to deal with sharing with Elvis…in fact, the nurses at the hospital where I was born tried to get my mom to name me Elvis.

    I also share with David Bowie which I’m indifferent about.

    But, I also share with Stephen Hawking…awesome.

  4. I had no idea I shared a b-day with with NPH! That’s awesome! It’s Legen- wait for it – Dary!

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