Well it was fun while it lasted

As you can see from this article on boston.com Canton Selectman Bob Burr has ended his bid for Ted Kennedy’s United States Senate seat.  He is withdrawing after failing to collect the 10,000 signatures he needed to get his name on the ballot.  With his quitting the race, and endorsing Scott Brown, the Republican party in Massachusetts is formally rallying around State Senator Brown.  This could help him, especially if the Democratic primary ends up being a divisive one.   

However, the negative to not having a primary battle is you don’t have the chance to get the skeletons out of the closet early and ‘perfect’ your messaging…any major revelations (if there are any) will likely happen closer to election day when it is harder to recover.  If Gennifer Flowers had come out during the general election rather than during the primary, it is likely Clinton would not have had a real chance to win.  As it was, he had months to respond to it and, by November, any questions of character did not affect the election results in a meaningful way.

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