Link for 9/30/09 – some letters I want to send

Dear Governor Crist:

Please try to work with the President and others to make this country better instead of making comments that make it clear you are only focused on your own ambition.  Now, there is nothing wrong with ambition, but it would be really nice if you at least pretended you weren’t part of the “Make Obama fail at all costs” coalition.  Sir, you have done many wonderful things in your career and I have always been impressed by your willingness to do what is right for the sake of the country.  Please don’t lose that now because you are planning to run for higher office at some point.  Let’s make any criticism constructive and not destructive.  Thank you.



Dear Congressman,

Why must you use language that will only fire up your opponents.  You knew saying that the Republican plan wants you to die quickly was not going to do anything except rile up their base.  This is just as bad as Sarah Palin talking about “Death Panels.”    The republicans (at least the reasonable ones) don’t want sick people to die – they want to come up with a solution to this mess that does the things they believe should be done.  You may disagree with them, but let’s have a real discussion about it rather than mud slinging.   Thanks!



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