Link for 9/21/09

Thanks to loyal reader Cochil for this link.  Even though she is an Eagles fan (ie. the team that can’t find the endzone in a critical game even if you gave them a map and a GPS) it is still a good article.  On second thought, considering my Pats stunk it up this weekend and didn’t score a TD, maybe I should hold-off trash talking other teams.  Oh well. 

I do enjoy when really really smart people spend their brain power on developing scientific ways to analyze sports.  However, this “Constructal Law” theory actually could play a significant role in how teams draft and develop players.  Makes you wonder if a player like William “Refrigerator” Perry (big with no speed) could survive in today’s NFL.  Just some food for thought on a Monday morning.


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  1. Cool article.

    Now when are you going to quit pussyfooting around and talk about what is going on in the MA legislature w regards to a probable interim appointment to Kennedy’s seat? Big happenings today!

    “Sporty” may come before “Politics” in your blog title, but it is merely a modifier.

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