Candidate Tuesday #2 – Bob Burr (R)

Today is Tuesday so that must mean it is time for another Candidate Tuesday.  Before we talk about Canton selectman Bob Burr, who was the first Republican to announce his candidacy, let’s review where we are at the moment.

First, the Democrats:
Attorney General Martha Coakley

Likely In:
Congressman Stephen Lynch
Congressman Michael Capuano

Congressman John Tierney
Congressman Ed Markey
Fmr. Rep. Martin Meehan
Fmr. Rep. Joe Kennedy
Victoria Kennedy (D)
Congressman Barney Frank (D)
Congressman Bill Delahunt (D)
Governor Deval Patrick (D)
Lt. Governor Tim Murray (D)

And now, the Republicans
State Senator Scott Brown
Selectman Bob Burr

Notable out:
Fmr. Governor Mitt Romney
Fmr. Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy
Andrew Card

Ok, so now let’s talk about Bob Burr. Burr is 43 years old, a 1989 graduate of Boston College with a business degree and has served as a selectman since 2005. Burr is a graduate of Canton High School and has been active in the town for many years as a coach, member of the conservation committee and past president of the Canton Little League.

His main reason for running seems to be that he wants to keep Democrats from getting their 60 seat “filabuster-proof” majority. In addition, he has said that all of his experience working on the local level will help him to “represent the interests of the average American citizen.” He seems to have a great deal of local connections and will probably be able to build support in his local area. The big question is whether he will be able to mount a state-wide campaign and, based on the amount of trouble I had to learn anything about him, he clearly has some work to do. Like maybe a campaign website and place to collect donations/register volunteers.

As more information comes out about him, I will post updates but, for now, you know what I know about Bob Burr.

Next week: Scott Brown

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  1. Wait.


    You’re writing about the MA Senate race after last night? Ben, there are FAR more important things that need to be discussed. Not to mention all the decompression therapy 3/4 of this state needs after that Bills game.

    To summarize both games, I offer one simple question: “what the f*cking f*ck happened last night?” It’s like the Hangover, except, I unfortunately remember the whole night and now I’m just trying to piece together why it all happened. Trent Edwards didn’t throw an INT, the Bills owned the Patriots’ offensive line, brutalized the defense (did we even field a defense last night?), and generally made the Pats look as one-dimensional as the 2001 Rams.

    Tom Brady’s Clark Kent impression lasted about 20 minutes too long to even be considered funny, but it was nice to see him (and the entire offense) look confident during the 4th quarter.

    Still, our little nation needs answers and accountability!

    Questions that we, the fans, demand answers to:

    – Will the Patriots’ defense improve as time goes on or are we truly a one-dimensional better-score-50-points-a-game team now? We have a lot of a new guys out there, so let’s hope they gel and start looking like at least an average defense.

    – Will the Patriots ever find a running game? I have a feeling that Maroney and Taylor were hamstrung by Brady refusing to stretch the field, but still we have 4 RBs on the roster. We need more production.

    – Is the Tom Brady hangover truly over? Has he shaken off all the rust? Will we see the league MVP next week for more than the last 8 minutes of the next game?

    – Is OJ Mayo done for the season? If so, do the Pats have enough LBs to even play a 4 – 3?

    • Ok, well you caught me. Knowing I would not have time to write any posts yesterday and now wanting you, my loyal readers, to have to go a full day without hearing from me, I decided to write some posts in advance and, thus, neglected to have anything about the incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking Patriots game.

      To me, the thing I am most concerned about was the inconsistent blocking we saw for most of the game and an inability for defenders to hold their lanes and defend their zones. However, I saw real improvement as the game went on and that gives me hope for the rest of the season.

      I shall now take a stab at answering your questions…
      1. I think they will improve and, actually, am not sure they played all that badly. The D is only responsible for 17 of those points, which is a respectable number. Also they only gave up 276 yards…no question they can be better, but I’m not so doom and gloom about the defense. This is a unit that will get better as they get used to their new positions and new roles.

      2. Short answer, no. I mean Maroney had a couple of nice runs and I was encouraged that he didn’t do so much dancing and actually hit the hole on some runs. But the O-line HAS to do a better job, especially on 3rd (and 4th) and short. I agree that it was made more challenging by the fact that Brady wasn’t stretching the field

      3. Yes. His numbers were very good overall, and as the game went on he became more confident with stepping into his throws. Also, his movement in the pocket in the second half was quite good and, really, that is a major key to success for him. (And he was named AFC Offen

      4. OJ Mayo should be ready to start the season when the Memphis Grizzlies play their first game in about 6 weeks. However, according to reports out today, that could be the next time Jerod Mayo plays as well. However, the good news is that the injury is not, according to Bill, season-ending. In terms if replacing him, I would assume Thomas and Guyton will see extra work since they were the main guys after Mayo went down. But this is Belichick, so who knows. Might we be looking at the return of Bruschi or Seau?

      • Well, I get my Mayos confused sometimes.

        As for the defense, you’re right in terms of numbers, but the team let up big gains in critical situations. That 3rd and 15 should haunt this defense, as should those big screens they let up.

        I heard Ted Johnson interviewed yesterday and he was being asked about the defense why Bill has become so conservative and conventional. His answer was that the defense is so young and inexperienced now that he doesn’t have the faith that his players can learn complex blitzes or exotic formations. While I think there is some truth to that, it makes me wonder why the Pats have let this situation evolve. It’s been at least two seasons since I’ve seen any defensive formation, alignment, or scheme that struck me as exceptional or out of the ordinary. Granted, they’ve still had a top-10 defense every year, but what ever happened to the fundamentals of our defense — hard hits, hard tackles, and the wherewithal, fortitude, and play-calling to create turnovers.

        I agree that Brady looked better as the game went on, I just hope that he can pick up where he left off. As soon as he came to life, the entire offense looked pretty unstoppable. The offensive line still concerns me, and I don’t really understand why this team is bothering to carry Fred Taylor. He’s a great player, but we already have Sammy Morris as a bruiser. 4 RBs seems excessive, especially considering our penchant to blow through 3 – 5 CBs and LBs every season.

        If the defense can come around and be the “bend, but don’t break” defense of ’01 and ’03, I think this team could do some serious damage. On offense, I think we should expect what we’re used to — no running game, lots of screen passes, and Randy Freaking Moss doing things that no human should be able to do.

        Alright, enough post hijacking.

  2. I think that what the highly symmetrical and rather long-winded and off-topic Beau really means to say is thank you for taking the time to give us background on the candidates for Kennedy’s seat; thank you for empowering your loyal readers with pertinent information about developments that are sure to shape future policy within our country.

    Also, what a dramatic, exciting turn around last night!

    • Look at the name of this blog, Alotta.
      1. Sporty
      2. Politics

      1. Politics
      2. Sports

      ‘Nuff said 🙂

      • And here I was trying to defend your honor without letting on to the fact that you cheated by automating your post. This is war, Bennylee.

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