Report already!!!!

Dear Mr. Seymour,

Please report to your new team.  Thanks.

Love, Ben

And this is why so many people are so sick of sports.  Look I understand that Richard Seymour isn’t thrilled about being traded from a Super Bowl contender to the worst franchise in professional sports.  I wouldn’t be either.  But when you demand a huge contract, your current team has every right to make the decision to move on without you and you have to live with it.  Richard- you signed a contract that allowed the Patriots to trade you and, low and behold, they did.  They traded you because they knew you would not take the money they were prepared to offer and they made the decision to get something from you, instead of nothing.  You made this bed, now you have to sleep in it.   Don’t expect us to feel sorry for you as you prove, once again, how prevalent greed and misplaced priorities are in sports.

Look, I appreciate everything you have done for the Patriots.  When you actually decide to play hard, you are one of the best players in the league (offense or defense) and I am sorry to see you go.  However, I fully support the Patriots business decision to get a first round pick for you and now you must live with your business decision to value money over winning.  Go play your year in Oakland and then do what you want.  If you want to win, I’m sure the Patriots or Colts would be willing to talk with you.  If you continue to value those few extra millions…well Al Davis loves writing big checks.

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  1. This situation is such a disaster. The Raiders were evidently content to agree to these terms without a physical… who but Al Davis is dumb enough to do that?

    Anyway, Seymour brought this on himself. Evidently he was demanding a top-dollar contract from the Pats during their most recent negotiations and, while I agree with you that Seymour CAN be one of the best players, his performance on a week-to-week basis is almost entirely replaceable by Green, who is one of the best backups in the league.

    I don’t know what the NFL is going to do, but this situation is untenable. Seymour will end up reporting, IMO, because the consequences of him not reporting are too dire. His only sorta-out is to retire. He would be out of the game for 1 year, but, I believe, could return in Week 2 of next season as a complete FA.

    On a related note, the Patriots have absolutely pillaged the Raiders over the last two seasons. The Pats have turned Seymour, a 4th rounder, and a 2nd rounder into Randy Fucking Moss, Derrick Burgess, and a (most likely) top-5 pick in ’11. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Ben, I agree with your thoughts completely. While I too am bummed to see him go (when healthy he is a dominant defensive player), I realize that the Pats understand value better than (perhaps) any other professional organization. If they were willing to part ways with him, then he must be overvalued at this point in his career. By refusing to report to Oakland, he is only compounding his own problems, and certainly isn’t endearing himself to future teammates and/or raiders fans.

    And knowing the New England braintrust, we have to assume that they will trade the 2011 first round pick for two third rounders and a fourth round pick and continue to find diamonds in the rough.

    This would be my addendum to your letter to Richard: “Look on the bright side, Mr Seymour–you could be moving to Detroit!”

  3. And now news comes today that he will be reporting and will play in their season opener. But, according to ESPN, he got none of what he wanted (a promise they wouldn’t franchise him). Looks like he blinked first.

    Beau – you are totally right about the Pats fleecing the Raiders. I’m already wondering what we’ll get from them next. And I think you are right that Green (and Pryor, who I’m a big fan of) we’ll make us forget Seymour sooner rather than later.

    Tony – I think the only way the Pats keep the pick is if there is rookie salary scale by then. I hear that that is why they went for a 2011 pick rather than a 2010. But you can bet they will be super smart about how they handle the extra picks. They really are something.

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