Link for 9/9/09

This is a fabulous article about when it is ok to abandon your team.   I would add two more to the list:

1. If you marry a fan from another city and move to that city.
a) However, this rule only applies if you will be more passionate about the new team than about the old team.
b) AND you can’t pick and choose which teams to pick.
For example, let’s say you live in Chicago and you marry a girl from Washington DC who is a huge Nationals (ugh) and Redskins fan and move there. You can’t just take the ‘Skins and hold on to the White Sox. No, no, no. You must take all available teams first and then, if there is still an available team from your original state, you can, nay must, hold on to them.

2. If your hometown (within 25 miles) gets a team, you have every right to switch your allegiance to them.

Anything I’m missing??

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