How do these people sleep at night…

I pride myself on trying to understand and respect people whose opinions I disagree with.  The only way we are going to move forward in our country is by listening to each other and focusing on constructive dialogue rather than political posturing.  How in the world the President addressing students on the importance of staying in school can become a political issue is beyond me.  (Aside from the obvious point that asking them to write letters on how they can help the President was certainly inartful at best…)  Like it or not there are people in this country who have NO interest in making the USA a better place if it means the other guy might get the credit.  And these people will do whatever they can to discredit and defeat that person, and that is just sad to me.

Back to the article though…after 8 years of a president who governed a state that was at the bottom in educational achievement, it is refreshing to have a President who understands the importance of kids staying in school and helping them achieve their potential (here’s hoping that goes beyond words and into meaningful reforms, but that’s another topic).  The fact that people are boycotting the President delivering a message to students is shameful…simply shameful.  How can we teach our kids to listen to others if we censor the words of our opponents.    

Couple of quotes from the article I want to highlight:

1. As far as I am concerned, this is not civics education — it gives the appearance of creating a cult of personality,” said Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Steve Russell. “This is something you’d expect to see in North Korea or in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.”

               WHAT????????????  Sen. Russell, why you are comparing a speech by a democratically elected president to actions by dictators who ruthlessly kill and detain their own citizens?  Does that make sense?

2. Arizona state schools superintendent Tom Horne, a Republican, said lesson plans for teachers created by Obama’s Education Department “call for a worshipful rather than critical approach.”

               Come again Mr. Horne?  Obama promotes a worshipful approach?  You mean the guy who doesn’t think we should teach the bible as fact and who taught in law school (which is all about critical analysis) is worshipful…umm, I think I’m terrified that this guy is a school superintendent.

To me these comments illustrate the importance of our kids staying in school…maybe the next generation can turn out leaders who aren’t close-minded and who care more about improving lives than getting their name in the paper. 

I don’t like that Democrats went after Bush for doing this in 1991 and I don’t like it now.   I suppose the difference is that Bush made the speech right before his election and used it to talk about his educational policies and plans while Obama will be using the speech to, according to the White House, make “a plea to students to really take their learning seriously. Find out what they’re good at. Set goals. And take the school year seriously.” 

Please explain how you can be opposed to that?

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  1. Hm, I am pretty sure that you are torn on the use of the word inartful. Actually, on the wordiness of the word inartful. I would argue that it is a word, one quite in use, just that it is not included in any of the major dictionaries currently in circulation. I would also argue that you have flip flopped my dear friend, and that you now believe it is a word as well, as you are using as such.

    See how I artfully avoid commenting on the actual content of your most recent entry? Really its because I have nothing nearly so passionate or interesting to say as you do on the subject of the President’s back-to-school message.

    However, as you know, the careless, innacurate way that conservatives throw around the word “socialism” without any real sense of its meaning, but with a very real intent to stir fear and discontent without understanding really ticks me off.

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