Link for 9/2/09

Well this is refreshing (sarcastic)

I suppose, on the bright side, we had a cool summer and now we’ll have a cold winter.   Oh, Mother Nature…didn’t anyone tell you that this is NE, there is NO reason to be consistent.  In fact it is discouraged up here.  Throw us for a loop.  How about no blizzard this year and, instead, make is mid-80s and sunny with a light breeze for the month of February.  Confuse us.  Go for it, I dare you.

It is amazing to me that the almanac, or anyone else, can predict this far out.  The 10-day forecast is so inconsistent (heck, even the 10 hour forecast can be wrong) and yet, when the almanac comes out with their seasonal projections, we all listen.  Probably because they are so often right (I think?)  It amazes me.  I do think meteorologists have a really tough job.  They make predictions that we all rely on and get ridiculed for being wrong – even though their mistakes are not a result of them doing something wrong but rather a whole host of other factors that change constantly.  Of course, I know NOTHING about weather forecasting but hey, that’s never stopped me from having an opinion before!  

What’s my point you may ask? Well according the almanac there is going to be a blizzard in New England between  Feb 12-15 you say?  Sorry sweetie, it’s gonna be a snowed in V-day this year.  I better not leave the present buying to the last minute!

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