I’m sorry…but this is outrageous!

How dare they. 

What will those misleading maniacs think of next?  Nazis, Death Panels and now denying coverage because of political beliefs?  What happened to having an honest disagreement and real debate and, you know, looking at FACTS. 

I love how the spokeswoman admits that it was “inartfully worded…” Two responses:

1. Inartfully is NOT a word

2. Even if it was, I prefer to call it blatant fear-mongering and outright lies.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. There are so many points in the proposed legislation where we could have legitimate discussion. I am disgusted by this, and really by how the republicans have been handling this over all. As a public health practitioner I know about the various forms of universal healthcare available and it’s silly to talk about a “European system.” There is no system for all of Europe…each country has a different form. I also know what socialized medicine is and I can assure you, that’s not what is being proposed by Obama.

    Sorry folks, we don’t have the best healthcare system in the world. I say this as someone who not only studies it, but partakes of it fairly regularly (I have a chronic illness, as does my husband). We spend more per patient than any other country (I think more than most of them combined, but I need to fact check that), yet we are the 30th healthiest country in the world, coming in behind at least one 3rd World country (Slovenia). We should be outraged! We are literally throwing away billions of dollars a year and not getting anything for it.

    Currently we have a system based on cure, not prevention. We feel like we have a lot to show for it, but that’s only because we can’t see prevention easily. The time has come for us to change our mindset. We’ll save money and lives in the long-run. We also owe it to ourselves and our posterity to take an active interest in this process and help shape the changes we want to see. People need to quit taking their “information” from Glenn Beck (or CNN) and find out the real facts. I recommend politico.com or factcheck.org for starters.

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