Link for 8/24/09

Ok, so when I said that I would post a “link of the day” what I really meant was a “link of the weekday.”  But that just isn’t quite as catchy methinks.  So link of the day it will stay, but just understand that you may or may not have a fun link to look at over the weekend.  Has anyone ever used the word link so many times in a single paragraph?  If so, someone please link it to me.

Ok, without any further ado, here is your link of the day.  I post this list of people at your fantasy football draft in honor of the fantasy draft I participated in last night.  Now, because we drafted online, I don’t think the list really applies to us but it is still a pretty good list.  Check it out and enjoy.

And, because you asked, I am pleased with the team I ended up with.  Certainly there were a few picks I wish I could have back but hopefully I’ll be able to fix those errors through the waiver wire and trades.

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