Are you out there?

Well, it’s happened.  My lovely wife has become sick of listening to me spout off my opinions, thoughts or comments.  Now, she didn’t come right out and say it…oh no no no.  She was much more subtle.   During one of our many drives together, she casually mentioned that she thought I should consider writing a blog.  She said “there you’ll be able to complain, or cheer or do whatever else you want to do”  Now if that isn’t a “shut-up already” I don’t know what is.

The funny thing to me is that, if you are reading this, you either don’t know me (and so are truly concerned about the state of my marriage) or you do know me and my wife and can completely picture her saying such a thing.  Anyway, I hope this blog will be a chance for to share my random thoughts and opinions.  Feel free to argue with me, compliment me or just whine.  The goal will be to have fun…maybe I do this for a day and maybe for 1000 years (by which time, blogs will automatically record and upload everything we are thinking)


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  1. Ben I love your blog 🙂 It’s like I can hang out with you without the travel! Go Yankees. 😛 xo Nicole

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